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Week 6

October 25, 2011

Prompt: What idea(s) are you considering for your visual representation and associated final paper? If you have settled on a topic or pursuit, what does that look like and how do you get there? If you haven’t fully decided, what might help you narrow down your choices? What are you still considering or unsure of as you move forward?

For our final paper, we are supposed to find some form of community outreach (a “visual component”). Something that we can do to raise awareness about something in the community. As you can tell from the number of “some”s, it’s a pretty broad topic, so the first question is what do I want to raise awareness about? I’m looking into volunteering at Hughes High School, since it’s a cool place and I’m interested in their STEM program, but I’m not sure how I can take a one-man volunteer project and turn it into to something that “raises awareness.” Simply helping kids with their homework isn’t very visible, even if it’s helpful. My other question is one of scale: the suggestions we were given range from simple fliers to weird flash-mob stunts. How should I attract other people to my project, or should I just do what I can on my own and save some effort?

Also, what problem do I solve with HHS? Or rather, since we’re supposed to talk about community improvements rather than problems to be solved, is this the best way to produce more smart students? It’s not designed to close the achievement gap like Malcolm Gladwell prescribes, but since the majority of HHS students are African-American, it can close the gap by plain force of demographics. I’ll consider other options, but I think that volunteering at Hughes High School will be a good place to start.

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  1. I also thought Hughes High School’s STEM program was interesting, and considered volunteering there as well. Since you are an engineering major, I could see how that interests you. What are you ocnsidering doing for your project? What problems did you see at Hughes, especially after last week’s Teaching Hope meeting, where we had two students in our group from HHS with a lot to say.

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